Isnin, 3 Oktober 2011

Trials Of Life

My life is not the same
When i'm too corncened by what they say
Why should I? When I have You
To doubt You would be the worst mistake

Deep inside I know
That amidst all the darkness
And everything which make no sense
I know that You exist
You are the light
That guides me throught darkest night
That shows me right from wrong in life
In a world that often lie

Cause I don't need anyone
Nor anything in life
But you
No I dont need anyone
To show me my way
No I dont need anyone
But You

Trials of life upon me
Are more precious than diamonds and gold
Tested with fire I may be
But I know i'll come out stronger
in this world.

I only want the things
You know is best for me
I'd gladly sacrifice
If that'a what You decree
I would break and
Mourn in eternity
Perish into the sea
If that's what You want for me

write by SAMI YUSUF

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